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How is the way we dress now, a result of the violence we experienced in our upbringing?

In collaboration with Eva Vos

Social practice Power Play

Oct - Dec 2020


The few companies that made more profit during the pandemic, should help the ones that are struggling to survive.

Thuisbezorgd is going to help young artist in the cultural sector. 


People can order at and then (just like an extra sauce) people can choose if they want extra culture with their order. Then their order will be delivered by ,as an example, a violist who will play a short piece while standing in front of the door.

Oct - Dec 2020

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Research paper about euthanasia for people with mental health problems


Apr 2020

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Less then 1% of the fish in the fish stall (viskraam) is sustainably caught. Because of overfishing there is fewer fish left for dolphins with deadly result.

We created a moment of mourning behind the cause of death. People could wright down their last words for the dolphin in the book of condolence made from the trays that the fish stall uses. After that we gave people a flag pin that is at half mast.

Dec 2019

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Concept for 113

Suicidal thoughts aren't visible. So ask about it. 

Nominated for Cibap talent award 2018

Exhibited in museum Fundatie, Zwolle



Work made during internship at A-dam Underwear